Gamma Phi Delta Sorority, Inc.

National Five Point Program


Our National Five Points Program - MEEPS was established to initiate
goals and action steps for implementation. Our MEEPS program is consistent
with the promotion of Gamma Phi Delta Sorority in our various communities.

~ Recruitment, Retention, Reclaim ~
We hold two Membership Drives per year. In May we established a
Membership Tally Rally, in which Members are allowed to have that
extra "push" before the close of the year. It has been very successful.

Our education is taught through our leadership and professional training.
This is implemented through workshops, seminars, and productive program
meetings. We also encourage our members to take every
advantage of educational opportunities.

Economic Development
We strive to utilize the services of our African American business.
One of our primary vendors provides us with a majority of our printing needs.
We continue to use the products  viable to our needs (retail, food, entertainment, etc.).

Public Information
Our public information includes national media coverage for
Kraft Foods, Outstanding African American Leaders; Black Enterprise,
and Black Meeting Planners and Tourism, just to name a few.

Social Action
This agenda item allows our membership to delve into the needs of our society.
National, Regional and Chapter programs are presented throughout
the Organization. Plans for the year 2001 included a "Social Action Day"
throughout the United States.

National Theme: 2016 – 2020
“The Power of Vision: Empowering Women and Inspiring Leaders”