Gamma Phi Delta Sorority, Inc.

Past & Present History of Gamma Phi Delta's
National Seven Regions

The Regions are seven geographical sub-divisions of the National organization:

Northern Region:
Regional Director, Soror Marie Quaker ; Email:
Assist. Regional Director, Soror Jennifer Lewis; Email:
State: Michigan, West Virginia, Ohio.

Far Western Region:
Regional Director, Soror Verna McCalister; Email:
Assist. Regional Director, Soror Phyllis Junor; Email:

States: California, Canal Zone, New Mexico, Utah, Colorado, Puerto Rico, Washington, Alaska, Idaho, Hawaii, Montana, Arizona, Oregon and Wyoming.

Mid-Western Region:
Regional Director, Soror Alma Baltimore; Email:
Assist Regional Director, Soror Loriah Norman; Email:

States: Indiana, Kansas, Missouri, Minnesota, South Dakota, Illinois, Nebraska, Wisconsin, Iowa, and North Dakota.

Eastern Region:
Regional Director,Soror Rhonda L. Young; Email:
Assist. Regional Director, Soror Mary E. Porter; Email:

States: Pennsylvania, Maryland, Delaware, Virginia, New Jersey, New York and District of Columbia.

Southern Region:
Regional Director, Soror Kartessa Bell; Email:
Assist. Regional Director, Soror Z. Marchelle Williams; Email:

States: Mississippi, Alabama, Tennessee and Kentucky.

Quad States Region:
Regional Director, Soror Helen Jones; Email:
Assist. Regional Director, Soror Jennifer Jones; Email:

States: Arkansas, Oklahoma, Texas and Louisiana.

South Atlantic Region:
Regional Director, Soror Althea Jackson; Email:
Assist. Regional Director, Soror Almeda Alexander Email:

States: Florida, South Carolina, Georgia, and North Carolina.

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By Willie B. Kennedy

65 years are already gone
Gamma Phi Delta is still going strong.
The road has been rocky and filled with strife,
But Sorors worked hard giving Gamma Phi Delta life.

From the day Gamma Phi Delta was organized,
The struggle began when our name we compromised.
With that done Gamma Phi Delta was on the move,
We had to grow and our goals and aim improve.

We started out in 1943,
To build this great sorority.
Chapters were established from East to West,
Selecting our membership from the best.

Our founders wanted to give business and professional women a chance,
So that they too in their lives would have a chance to advance.
On Gamma Phi Delta marched with goals in hand,
Striving to make the sorority’s membership expand.

Yes, it wasn’t easy then nor is it now,
But members joined and they took a vow,
To work hard to protect Gamma Phi Delta’s name,
And never, never bring Gamma Phi Delta any shame.

On we went our heads held high,
Always striving to reach the sky.
Over the years new programs came on line,
By then our lamps was beginning to shine.

Looking at the communities youth we saw a need,
To establish youth groups to help them succeed.
In a world that is filled with hate and crime,
We knew they would have a tough uphill climb.

That program took off with speed,
But today most chapters don’t see the need.
To teach our youth how to realize their dream,
As they grow into adulthood with self-esteem.
What better way to hold our banner high,
Than to promote youth and their lives dignify.

Although we’ve had good programs in place,
And a lot of disunity to face.
We’ve succeeded to keep our oath and swear,
To make Gamma Phi Delta the best anywhere.

Excellent programs were born with each elected Supreme,
That gave our goals and organization a lot of steam.
To move higher and higher with each step made,
Remembering our Founders and the foundation they laid.

All ten elected Supremes were ambitious for sure,
They all wanted to make Gamma Phi Delta secure.
Each program adopted was great indeed,
And each program filled a definite need.

Our achievements have been many but our cupboards were often bare,
Yet we hung in there through faith and believing in prayer.
To all forty year plus Sorors, who endured and helped us grow,
We honor and upon you our gratitude bestow.

Without our dedicated Sorors we would not have made it through,
So we extend our thanks and honor, which is long overdue.
Our Lamplighter and Newsletter are of great delight,
The news about each chapter brought us ideas and insight.

Wearing our Sorority pin and colors, with pride, as a symbol of sisterhood,
As we serve the sorority with honor and dignity, as all members should.
Phi-Teens and Rosebuds help us carry out our dream,
Cavaliers, both Senior and Juniors make us a powerful team.

Our Pearls both original and living, play an important part,
In our illustrious history that’s so dear to our heart.
Scholarships, another program that is high on our list,
We believe in education, the training of young minds we insist.

Building life memberships show strength and our success,
The heritage tiles add status and are sure to impress.
Onward and upward we can now only move,
Building bridges and growing stronger as we improve.

Yes Sixty- five years of progress we celebrate with glee,
Refinement, culture, peace and harmony have always been the key.
Our challenge today, is to keep the dream alive,
As we continue to make sure Gamma Phi Delta will survive.

Willie B. Kennedy
August 6, 2008


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