Gamma Phi Delta Sorority, Inc.

The Northern Region


Northern Region celebrated their 59th Regional Conference 2015
Hosted by Beta Upsilon, in Independence, OH

Northern Region Chapters and Basilei

Alpha (Detroit, MI): Marisa Pryor
Beta (Detroit, MI) Sheryl Shorts
Theta (Detroit, MI): Irene Westmoreland-King
Omega (Inkster, MI): Joyce Phillips
Alpha Theta (Detroit, MI): Arneta Pinkard
Alpha Nu (Xenia, OH): Nan Harshaw
Alpha Omega (Detroit, MI): Patricia Woods

Beta Alpha (Detroit, MI): Nancy Beasley
Beta Tau [UG] (Cleveland, OH): Jade Woodson
Beta Upsilon (Cleveland, OH): Anitra Merritt
Beta Phi (Toledo, OH): Jennifer Lewis
Gamma Lambda (Dayton, OH): Elva Thomas
Gamma Mu (Detroit, MI): Vivian Hudson
Delta Omicron (Detroit, MI): Marie Quaker

The Northern Region of Gamma Phi Delta Sorority, Inc., encompasses all chapters in the states of Michigan, Ohio and West Virginia. The first chapter, Alpha, is combined with graduate and undergraduate members, among its members today are descendants of our founders, Dr. Violet T. Lewis and Elizabeth Garner.

The Northern Region currently maintains undergraduate chapters with sorors from the Ohio based campus of Cleveland State.

The history of Gamma Phi Delta Sorority, Inc. is rich in contributions from the Northern Region. Four of the National Presidents were elected from the Northern Region: Elizabeth Garner and Beatrice Preston of Detroit, MI, and Marie Rivers and Katherine Davis from Dayton, OH.

All 26 signers of the original Articles of Incorporation were from the Northern Region. The Region also boasts that its members included all “Original Pearls”, a prestigious honor bestowed upon worthy sorors.

Our Sorority Pin, a beautiful gold pin presented to all new members of Gamma Phi Delta, was designed in the Northern Region by Elizabeth Garner. Our Sorority Hymn, which holds a special place in the hearts of all members, was arranged in the Northern region by Juanita Parnell. The original shield was designed by undergraduate Soror Talibah Fogel, a charter member of Beta Chi (Eastern Michigan University).

Each year, all chapters are required to highlight the talents of their youth during the “Artists of Tomorrow” program, originated in the Northern Region in 1944. The first National Conference and Executive Board meetings were held in the region.

Our dedication to youth and to our communities is a top priority. Among our affiliations, we maintain a life membership in the NAACP and the National Council of Negro Women headquartered in Washington, D.C.

During our National Conferences, we have provided for as many as one hundred youth at one time to participate by financing air fare, hotel lodgings, uniforms and whatever else was needed. The Northern Region awards regional scholarships to deserving youth and deserving members as well.

Among our many community service events each year, our region participates in the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Walk in our various cities. The Region also participates with the Detroit Chapter of the March of Dimes as it celebrates a “Fashion Extravaganza” which was organized by our sororities’ co–founder Dr. Violet T. Lewis over sixty years ago.

The Northern Region is very proud to be the home of the Gamma Phi Delta Sorority Headquarters building located in one of the many historic districts of the city of Detroit. Our building on West Grand Boulevard, is located directly across the street from the famed Motown Museum, and identified by commemorative light post banners.

Our first Regional Directors were appointed and they include Sorors Sadie Palmer, Kay Davis and Mary Miles respectively. In 1988, Soror Nellis Sauders was the first elected Director of the Northern Region. Subsequently, Sorors Jessie Shropshire, Marjorie Harris, Mary Murdock, Elma Peddy, Andrea Wright, Hellen Pacely, Joyce Phillips and Diana Minor each served as Regional Director.

Many of our chapters have youth auxiliaries that are very active in our community and within our sorority. Some of the many activities they participated in include: visiting nursing homes, serving at food banks, going on college tours and participating in etiquette training. We are extremely proud of our young people and whenever possible, they are showcased. We have many national officers which include:

Brooklyn Porterfield

Tamara Johnson

2nd Runner Up Miss Rosebud International :

Savannah Skipp, Alpha Omega

In 2015 we celebrated our 59th Northern Regional Conference in Independence, OH, hosted by Beta Upsilon. 20

Northern Region Elected Officers 2015–2017:

Evelyn R. Berrien
Regional Director

Jennifer Lewis
Assistant Regional Director/Organizer

Shirley Longmire-Nelson
Regional Grammateus

Hellen Pacely
Regional Financial Grammateus

Beverly Harris
Regional Tamias

Theresa Dillard
Regional Anti-Grammateus

Consuelo Martin
Regional Editor

National Theme: 2016 – 2018
“The Power of Vision: Empowering Women and Inspiring Leaders”