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Ribbons for Africa — Heifer International
Helping Hands for Haiti

Past Supreme Basileus
Soror Frances Lowe Jarrett
Ribbons for Africa Goes Global

History:  Ribbons for Africa was adopted at the 1986 Boulé as a National Project of Gamma Phi Delta Sorority, by a unanimous vote of the body.  As an Affiliate of the National Council of Negro Women (NCNW) we had just participated in a two-day concentrated training on Africa with in-depth information on their needs and how we could help them. As the result – “Ribbons for Africa”.

In 1994 twelve Sorors took a Post-Boulé trip to Africa with Soror Kay Davis, Past Supreme Basileus.  A monetary contribution was presented by then Supreme First Anti-Basileus Soror Patricia A. Daniels, to the NCNW representative in Africa at that time. Subsequent contributions have been made direct to the NCNW.  It was accepted in 2004 to provide the Dr. M. Joan Cousin HIV/AIDS Mission Intervention monies contributed by the Sorors for the 2002-2004.

Again, the body voted in 2004 that all monies contributed were to be sent to Africa. Since Boulé at the suggestion of Supreme Basileus Patricia A. Daniels, the name and purpose are to become Global – Ribbons International, to include *Heifers International and *Helping Hands for Haiti: with the approval of Boulé 2006.

The main purpose for these three projects will be to:
(1) Assist and enable poor families and their communities
(2) Identify survival skills for women and their families
(3) Provide financial assistance
(4) Offer assistance for training, educational programs and /or supplies

While it may not be possible at the beginning to visit the communities we hope to help, we do wish to have an ongoing dialogue with them, so that we may become friends.

As GPD Women, we dare to be different. That is why all monies for these projects come from our own contributions and not the public.  That is why SAVE CHANGE was put into place. Before the “Angel” fund or the “Brown Box”, there was SAVE CHANGE.  There can be one project for Sorors only to augment this effort and help swell the total amount for 2006 Boulé Global Ribbon International.  Save change was implemented because any project must include a plan to raise funds for its implementation.  Done at each Sorority meeting, it is painless, involves selling no tickets, and comes from the hearts of its members.

Full cooperation by each Chapter will allow projects under the “Global Ribbons International”: to be properly funded.  Let us ALL do our part! 

Soror Frances Lowe Jarrett, Past Supreme Basileus


Heifer International
Is an organization working to end world hunger by giving cows, goats, other food and income producing livestock to impoverished families around the world. Recipients are trained in animal care and environmentally sound agricultural practices so that they can come out of poverty and become self-reliant.

Work with communities to aid hunger and poverty while caring for the earth.

Passing on the gift: Recipients share offspring of their animals with others in need. Heifer calls it “Passing on the Gift”.

Also, Strengthens Women and Families, Protects the Environment and Educational Mission.


Helping Hands for Haiti (HHFH)

To Assist:

  • In the education of women

  • The eradication of poverty and encouragement of primary education

  • The empowerment of women and promotion of gender equality

  • Reduction of child mortality

  • Improvement of maternal health

  • Establishment of communication with approval, by either visits, written or verbal communication.

  • On Wednesday, January 20, 2010 a Memo was sent to Gamma Phi Delta Chapters informing them that:

    The Haitian People had experienced a disastrous earthquake and the help of Gamma Phi Delta Sorority, Inc. Sorors was needed.  The best way to lend a helping hand and provide support in the shortest amount of time was to work with a non-government organization which was working in Haiti.

    There were several such organizations and after research the American Red Cross having a 15-person office operating in that country was used.  The American Red Cross had already released $10 million for earthquake relief in Haiti.  Much, much more was needed.

    Each chapter of our organization was asked to donate $50.00 by cashier’s check or money order no later than February 1, 2010.  A check for the full amount received was sent in a lump sum to the American Red Cross in the name of Gamma Phi Delta Sorority, Inc.


    National Theme: 2016 – 2020

    "Preparing Today to Lead Tomorrow, One Mission, One Sisterhood