Global Connections

 Global Connections is Gamma Phi Delta Sorority’s outreach program to contribute to, develop and participate in programs that stretch outside our borders.  This program began when, as an affiliate of the National Council of Negro Women, we participated in a two-day, concentrated training on Africa with in-depth information on the people’s needs and how we could help them.  As a result, “Ribbons for Africa” was birthed.

“Ribbons for Africa” was adopted as a National project of Gamma Phi Delta Sorority, Inc. by unanimous vote of the delegates at the 1986 National Boule (Convention).  Past National President Frances Lowe Jarrett’s dedication to this program has helped Gamma Phi Delta Sorority to consistently donate funds to support programs and needs around the globe.  During the tenure of Past National President Patricia A. Daniels,  the program grew into “Global Connections”.  While we remain committed to serving communities in the US, we believe that we have a responsibility to reach beyond our borders to help wherever and whenever we can.  We currently make regular contributions to Helping Hands for Haiti and Heifer International as part of our global outreach.