Member-At-Large are women of good moral character and reputation who: 

  1. have a baccalaureate/associate degree; or 
  2. have completed an approved two-year specialized training program or equivalent in professional experience.

Member-At-Large will be trained and inducted at the regional level.  Members with this status may become Building Fund Life Members.  Upon becoming a Building Fund Life Member, this individual will have a vote at Regional Conferences and Boule'.  Members-At-Large may serve on national and regional committees; but cannot hold a national or regional office.  

Only graduate members, undergraduate members and members-at-large are addressed as Soror.

Member-At-Large Responsibilities:

  • Attend regional meetings biennially and be responsible to participate and support the programs of National and Regional.
  • Obey the rules/regulations of National and Regional.
  • Attend and participate in National and Regional meetings.
  • Make recommendations to the Region in the interest of the National Organization programs, policies, etc.
  • Be a positive representative of the National Organization.